Each time you visit the Lexar website, we shall automatically collect certain anomalous information that cannot be used to identify you. We may use Cookies, tags, server logs, and other technologies to obtain or store this information. The purpose for collecting this anonymous information is to better understand how you use Lexar’s website or improve the overall website quality and users experiences.

Article 1 Definition of “Cookies”

Cookies are short texts used to store information on a web browser. Cookies are widely used to store and receive identification codes and other data on computers, mobile phones, and other devices. We also use other technologies (including data that We store on your web browser or device, and identification codes associated with your device) and other software (including web indicators and pixel tags) for similar purposes. In this Cookies statement, We shall refer to all such technologies as “Cookies.”

Article 2 Types of Cookies

We use Cookies to provide, protect, and improve our products and services. Examples include providing and evaluating advertisements via customized contents, understanding user behaviors, and providing a more secure experience. The various types of Cookies We use and the purpose of use are described below. Please note that the specific Cookies we may use are different depending on the specific website and service you use.
Necessary Cookies: Strictly speaking, these Cookies are necessary to provide our website services to you and enable the necessary functions such as shopping cart or product application. If you disable such Cookies, we shall be unable to fulfill your requests.
Performance and functional Cookies: These Cookies collect information about how you use our website and services, and allow us to remember your browsing choices browsing. The information collected by such Cookies allows us to optimize our website and make it easier to use. It shall not be used to identify you individually. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information we can provide to you.
Cookies collect the information we use in a summary form to help us understand how users use Our website, applications, and services; the effectiveness of our marketing activities; and help us to better customize the website. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information we can provide to you.
Advertisement Cookies: Such Cookies collect information about your browsing and shopping history, and are used to deliver advertising messages that are catered to your preferences. They prevent the same advertisements from appearing repeatedly, ensure that the advertisements are displayed correctly, and select advertisements based on your preferences in some cases. We may share this information with third parties to help create and deliver ads that are customized for you and based on your preferences. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information we can provide to you.
Social network Cookies: Such Cookies let you share pages and content on our website and services via third-party social networks and other websites. These Cookies may also be used for advertisement purposes.

Article 3 Cookies placed by third parties

You may also encounter Cookies placed by third parties on our websites, APPs, and services. For example, when you buy our products online, our e-commerce vendors may use Cookies and other technologies. We may also allow third parties to place Cookies on our website to track information about your online activities and/or cross-third-party websites or online services for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements to you based on this information, which may include remarketing of our products and services that you have browsed on our website and third party websites. This Cookies statement does not apply to Cookies, applications, technologies, or websites owned and/or operated by third parties or the practices of such third parties even if they also use or access our technology to retain or collect information. Please review third party privacy and Cookies policies to understand how they use Cookies.

Article 4 How to Manage Cookies Settings

Please note that you can manage your Cookies settings based on your browser preferences. You may freely restrict the use of all or part of the Cookies (i.e., third party Cookies), delete the Cookies records, or adjust other settings.

Depending on the type and version of the browser installed in your product, the Cookies function settings of the browser may be different and may change. Here are a few common browser types currently on the market. You can refer to the following links to learn how to manage the Cookies settings of these browsers (the contents of the following website links are in Chinese, please click on the language option on these sites to select a language that is convenient for you to read). If you are not using the following browsers or the contents of the following links are removed, please visit the support page of the browser installed in your product or the browser manufacture’s privacy page for more information. You can also refer to https://www.aboutcookies.org/ (English content), which provides instructions on how to manage Cookies settings for many different browsers.

4.1 Clear, enable, and manage Cookies for Google Chrome browser:

4.2 Clear, enable, and manage Cookies for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser:

4.3 Clear, enable, and manage Cookies for Mozilla Firefox browser:

4.4 Clear, enable, and manage Cookies for Apple Safari browser: